5th Sports & Exercise Medicine Course

The 5th Malta Sports and Exercise Medicine Course targets specifically healthcare and other professionals that work in sports, that need, desire, want a more hands on approach to their knowledge development. No stuffy neverending talks- just informative sessions that lead to the hands on, practical oriented, pragmatic workshops.

A team of international experts will guide us in the knowledge acquisition experience. If you are a young health professional, sports scientist or student that wants to know more about practical Sports and Exercise Medicine this is the course for you.

We want the doctor, the nurse, the physiotherapist, the psychologist, the podiatrist, the nutritionist, the student, the coach and many many more. Basically we want everyone that wants to learn what sports and exercise medicine is all about.

That is why ISMULT and WCSEM are coming to MALTA!

That is why the Maltese Government and the Maltese Olympic Committee are behind this initiative!


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